The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia

The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia

Interactive Light Sculpture

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The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia

The Wilma Theater in Philadelphia

The Wilma Theater’s new facade at 265 S. Broad St. will expand on its existing neon aesthetic while changing the building’s name to the “Wilma at Aurora.”


The Wilma Theater inherited its name from the original Wilma Project, which began in 1973 as a feminist collective. They chose to name their theater after an invented sister of Shakespeare, but not after Woolf’s Judith. The founders created the fantastical Wilma, a talented sister with a room of her own, the means and freedom to express herself. When Blanka and Jiri Zizka took over The Wilma Project, they did not abandon its namesake. The Zizkas’ Wilma does not take the status quo as a given. Instead, it constantly strives for new ways of expression and revelation, social relevance and impact.

Project Credits

Martin Supply Company – For over 70 years, Martin Supply and Lambert Company have supplied the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions with the finest supplies, equipment and services available. Sign manufacturers, Screen Printers, Display Manufacturers and Craftsman have relied on Martin Supply and Lamberts to bring them the newest technologies backed with the industry’s highest level of technical support. From the latest innovations in large format digital printing, to state-of-the-art LED lighting systems, to the most dynamic screen printing inks and environmentally safe chemistry, Martin Supply and Lamberts are committed to staying on the leading edge.

City Sign Inc. – They have an experienced team of installers can handle most any job. They support a full line of installation and service trucks, with up to 125′ manned bucket and crane capabilities. Their expertise does not stop at installation, as they offer complete signage and lighting servicing.

From neon and bulb replacement to LED lighting conversions and on-site signage repair, they have you covered for the life of your sign.


Vivid S 270 Static Colors was used in this project.

Features large beam angle of 270 degree, bright and uniform continuous illumination, and ultra-flexibility with small bend diameter in curve bending shape.

To learn more about our Vivid S 270 fixture please click the image.

Project Credits:

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