The Plaza Mural Art in Philadelphia

The Plaza Mural Art in Philadelphia

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The Plaza Mural Art in Philadelphia

Westrum Development Company (Westrum), along with Mural Arts Philadelphia (MAP) and the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA) celebrate the official opening of the Plaza@31Brewerytown featuring FUTURE VALLEY. Owned and maintained by Westrum, the 4000-sq ft space is an artfully designed public space integrated into the campus of the HUB@31Brewerytown rental community.

FUTURE VALLEY, the murals, and sculptures designed by artists David Guinn and Robert Goodman explore the relationship between the natural world and the built environment, one of tension and collaboration. Vegetation and the structural elements of the nineteenth-century breweries combine in ways that illuminate the complex entanglement of nature, time, and humanity. References to local historical architecture borrow from the past but gesture to future possibilities.

It sits between two new apartment buildings, formerly the site of ruined and abandoned 19th-century breweries. The project looks back at what was, and imagines what the ruins of our time will look like, remnants of architecture and technology have overtaken by nature. What mysteries will contemporary structures hold for future generations? What opportunities for re-use will they present?

Project Credits MURAL ARTIST David Guinn Robert Goodman LIGHTING INSTALLATION Sasha Anistratova SPONSORED BY Westrum Development Mural Arts Philadelphia The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority

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