Bill Vincent: Quitter Le Nid

Bill Vincent: Quitter Le Nid

Interactive Light Sculpture

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Bill Vincent: Quitter Le Nid

Bill Vincent: Quitter Le Nid

Bill Vincent has created a lovely installation in Drummondville, Quebec, using our Blue Color Jacketed Vivid S 270!

Bill Vincent

L’Hôpital Ste-Croix /Centre Famille/Enfant Girardin
Sacred Cross Hospital / Girardin Family and Children’s Center

Drummondville, Quebec, Canada

Commissioned by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications in their “Art and Architecture Integration” Policy

The general theme – the life of birds – is represented here in 4 locations of this Maternity and Children’s hospital as a metaphor for the idea of family, parental shelter, fertility and of peace and security.

The image of a gigantic robin’s nest, containing 3 eggs with a luminous outline is displayed in the front window of the hospital. The illuminated robin’s eggs are traced in blue Vivid LED GLLS flexible neon.

Cut and printed on a metal surface, the image can be seen from the ground by people entering the building and the colors of the sky are reflected on the aluminum background depending on the weather. At night only the luminescent eggs are perceptible.
The nest, built by birds to provide a first shelter for their offspring, here symbolizes family and children.

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