When your company has a highly specific and widely recognized brand color, it can be difficult to find LED lighting that matches. GLLS offers Vivid True, a custom color-jacketed LED Neon Flex product made to your color specifications.

What Is Vivid True?

Vivid True is a product in our LED Neon Flex line, designed to meet the needs of companies with highly specific brand colors. Available in our Vivid S 160° and Vivid S 270° products, it offers highly efficient LED lighting in colors accurate to your brand.

Vivid True is a custom color-jacket product, meaning that the PVC surrounding the LEDs is dyed to the color you require. With color jacketed Neon Flex, you get the bonus of having colorful signage even during the day when your lighting might not be as effective.

How Do You Match My Color?

When you’re ordering Vivid True, we ask you for a color code. We are able to work from a few color systems. You can provide us with an RAL code, a Pantone color, or simply an RGB color value.

As an example, here’s a look at our standard Red Color Jacket Vivid S:

Pantone – 711C
RAL – RAL 3028

You can send an RGB code in two different ways: a value or a percentage.
The value of our Red Color Jacket looks like this: R 203 G 44 B 48
The percentage of our Red Color Jacket looks like this: R 80% G 17% B 19%

The Best Option For Color Matching

Vivid True is the best LED option for color matching. Vivid RGB and Vivid Pixel are able to replicate colors, but colors in light are different than colors in print. With a color jacket, you can guarantee your fixture is the right shade, even when it isn’t on!