In our last Tech Talk, we covered the differences between fixture profiles. This week we’re going to show you how to most effectively use mounting clips.

What are mounting clips?

Mounting clips are options GLLS offers to help secure your LED Neon Flex fixtures to a mounting surface. You can use clips along with mounting channels, however they can support fixtures alone as well. We also make the clips out of the same materials as their corresponding mounting channel types.

They are available in 3 types:


Standard Aluminum: Our standard mounting hardware. They are best for horizontal applications or where gravity will not be affecting the fixture’s position on the mounting surface (such as flush mounting).


Plastic & Aluminum: This profile is designed for our Vivid Wave 320 fixture to allow the most light to be seen. It can also be used with non-320 fixtures.

Spring Clip: This profile is our newest locking type. They have a spring clip to grip the fixture within the channel and keep it securely in place. They are also for applications where gravity could affect the fixture’s position.

What is the best use of mounting clips?

These clips are designed for curved applications. We recommend using between two and three of the 1.38in (35mm) mounting clips per foot of LED Neon Flex. Naturally, the tighter the curve in your design, the more mounting clips you’ll need to secure the fixture.

Occasionally, the clips may rotate when the bending diameter is smaller. This usually occurs near the ends of the fixtures. To add stability to the clips, you can drill more holes and add more screws. Make sure to note that drilling more holes will also remove the rust-proof coating from that area.
The aluminum materials are easy to drill through, however you will want to exercise caution with the Plastic & Aluminum clips. Make sure you are using a bit that is appropriate for plastic and that you do not rush. Improper drilling could crack or damage the plastic and ruin the clip.

An example of clip placement

We’ve created a sample design for an “OPEN” sign to show how clips could be applied.

mounting clip placement sample

This example layout is for Vivid Contour 12V in green. The green dots represent a seamless bottom exit lead wire. Note that in our clip placement we were careful to leave the necessary 10-20mm space between the clip and lead wires.

This is just one example of how you could place clips in a project. Other projects may require more or less clips. You should always decide on the number of clips needed based on your design.

Check back in for our next Tech Talk on April 24th!

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