It’s hard not to jump right in to a new LED project, but there are some key elements to consider before purchasing lights. To create a vibrant, eye-catching project that will impress for years, there must be some extra planning!

Four Important Elements To Plan

Before starting your next LED project, consider the following elements. These elements apply to both indoor and outdoor projects. Because of the scale of LED neon lighting projects, be sure to plan for each element.

Color and Effects

LED Neon Flex products come in a variety of colors while offering many options for visual effects. It is important to decide whether you want a static color fixture, a fixture that uniformly changes color, or a fixture with the capability to create animated light effects such as chasing colors.

The color and effects chosen for the LED project will determine the best LED Neon Flex fixture for the job!

Cutting Unit Lengths

Each individual LED Neon Flex product has a set cutting unit length. Cutting units are the smallest possible length of a particular fixture. LED Neon Flex lights mark these lengths on PVC casing.

Neon Flex Cutting Unit
The cutting unit marked on the PVC of the Neon Flex.

When you’re planning out your LED project, make sure the total length of your run is divisible by the cutting unit length.

Bending Radius

Although Green LED Lighting Solutions’s LED Neon Flex products are flexible, they are still a lighting fixture. The internal circuit boards, though flexible, still have some limitations. Each individual product is limited by a specific bending radius that it cannot exceed.

Our spec sheets provide details about each LED Neon Flex product’s bending radius, but you can always send our team a message through our Live Chat, e-mail or call us toll-free at 1 888 580 6366 if you have any questions about our products! The GLLS team is always happy to help!

Connection Type

Since there are different types of installations, you need different types of connectors. LED Neon Flex products have a few available options to connect your power supply and decoders/controllers.

Seamless Connectors: These weatherproof connectors are ideal for harsh environments, or for projects such as those in an area that will be difficult to access for maintenance. The pre-assembled seamless connectors are perfect for direct-view applications. Two fixtures will look like one long run with seamless connectors.


Snap Connectors: These DIY connectors are perfect for projects that will be cut in the field. They are weatherproof, simple and easy to assemble, and have a quick turnaround time on orders.


Submersible Seamless: The submersible seamless connector is a reinforced seamless connector specially designed to be continually submerged up to 1m.


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