You've probably been there before. You are standing on a ladder outside of your business, holding yourself steady with one hand as you hold onto a replacement light bulb with the other. Just as you reach the apex of the ladder and reach out with the opposite hand to begin unscrewing the spent light bulb, you accidently drop the new one, smashing it into a hundred pieces on the ground and forcing you to handle the situation quickly, due to the mercury and other potential dangerous materials found inside of the bulb. Thankfully, though, this is no longer an issue, as long as you take advantage of what LED neon lighting solutions can provide. With the help of durable LED neon flex lighting; you are going to find exactly how strong and durable these kinds of lights really are.


With more traditional light bulbs, you are forced to keep the lighting under an awning, simply to protect the lights from the rain. Should the moisture find a way into the connecting joint between the bulb and your electrical current, the bulb not only is going to blow, but it might cause a chain reaction with the other lights as well due to the rain striking the power flow. However, when switching to LED Neon Flex lighting, this is not a problem at all. Not only can the lighting stand in the middle of a downpour, all while continually illuminating your business, also there is no chance of the moisture making its way into the electrical flow of the light. Due to the very construction of the light, you can rest assured your lighting is always going to remain safe.


The neon flex lighting, due to the construction, is able to bend and move around. This gives you more custom features with the light and ensures you can install it just about anywhere. That is exactly why using such a light is the perfect design feature for the outside of your building. You can follow the natural contour of the construction, ensuring everything is properly lit and not casting any harsh or awkward shadows.


With the old light bulbs, you can easily drop one right out of the box, which instantly signals the death of that particular light bulb. These bulbs are not strong and don't take any sort of impact at all. The neon flex lighting is the complete opposite of this. These lighting designs can fall to the floor, strike a table side or come in contact with water and other moisture, all while remaining strong and stable.