Our new ETL products are comprised of all our PVC 120V AC products.

This includes:

  • Vivid Light Strip PVC 120V
  • Vivid S 160 PVC 120VVivid S 270 PVC 120V
  • Vivid Wave PVC 120V

All our ETL products are tested by Intertek and are ETL-UL1598 certified.

Difference between ETL & ULETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories.

It was originally called Lamp Testing Bureau when Thomas Edison founded it in 1896. Thomas Edison originally founded LTB to test the safety of light bulbs. Now, ETL tests parts and components of a wide range of products to make sure that they are in line with established standards. Unlike UL, ETL does not create their own standards for certification, but only makes sure that products meet the standards created by UL. This means that products that are ETL listed are still held to the same standards as UL and are thus recognized by OSHA.

ETL however has some benefits over UL. ETL has a fast turnaround, they are committed to getting the product to market faster, they have client-focused project management, they produce flexible solutions based on testing needs, they have a collaborative testing environment, and they have concurrent product safety and performance testing.

Some differences between our ETL and UL 120V products include:

  • Shorter Cutting Units
  • Higher Lumen Outputs
  • Number of LEDs/CULED type (2835 vs. 5050)
  • Current (mA/m)

Please see the comparison charts below for more detail.

Vivid S 270

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Vivid S 160

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Vivid Wave

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Vivid Light Strip

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Difference between ETL 120V & 24V products

The main difference between our 120V products and 24V products is the input voltage. Our new ETL products run off 120VAC ± 10V while some of our other products run off 24VDC. There are also many small differences between our new ETL-UL1598 120VAC ± 10V and UL1598 24VDC products. A few differences may include:

  • Max run lengths
  • Power consumption (W/ft)
  • LED count
  • LED spacing
  • Cutting Unit length
  • Installation/operating temperatures
  • Wavelength/CCT
  • Lumen Count

Please see the comparison charts below for more detail. Download PDF Format

Another main difference to consider when picking between the different products we provide is the accessories. For example, our 24VDC products require a 24V Power Supply Unit, while our 120VAC products require a Junction Box.

Even though there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a product, it just means we can better customize to your project’s needs.