In our last Tech Talk, we covered troubleshooting a decoder. This week we’re going to cover the difference between 01 and 02 ends.

When placing an order for LED Neon Flex it’s important to know the end types required for your project. LED Neon Flex, also being a linear fixture, has two ends that can have lead wires for power and data.

Why are there 01 and 02 ends?

LED Neon Flex is manufactured with a flexible PCB. Because of the direction of data and power, we mark the ends of the fixtures with an 01 (the input end) and an 02 (the output end, or the end of the fixture).

01 ends differences
02 ends differences

Why is it important to know the difference?

GLLS offers a variety of lead types. Depending on the fixture, these lead types can be very specific. It’s important to know exactly where you need your lead wire to be relative to the fixture in order to make sure your product is made to fit your project.

Lead types offered by GLLS are:

  • End Exit
  • Bottom Exit
  • Side Exit
  • Side Exit Left
  • Side Exit Right

You’ll notice that there are 3 side exits listed. This is where knowing the difference between 01 and 02 ends comes into play.

Side Exits

Side exit leads are available on all of our LED Neon Flex fixtures in Seamless as well as Submersible Seamless options. Most of our profiles also have these options available in Snap Connectors.

When working with a horizontal bending fixture, Seamless and Submersible Seamless side exit leads will always exit out of the right side on an 01 end and the left side on an 02 end. The reason for this is the position of the circuit board in the fixture.

When looking down an LED Neon Flex fixture from the 01 end, we can see that the circuit board is offset to the right of the fixture. This is to allow ample space for the SMD chips in the PVC casing. Turning the fixture around, we see that at an 02 end, the end of the fixture, the circuit board is offset to the left of the fixture.

The exception to this rule is with Side Exit Snap Connector options for Horizontally bending fixtures.


With a snap connector, you have the option of a Side Exit Left (the lead exiting the left side of the end), or a Side Exit Right (the lead exiting the right side of the end). Knowing the difference between 01 and 02 ends helps you decide which side exit you need for your project.


The 01 Snap Connector ends cannot go on the 02 end of the fixture because of the placement of the connector pins. The pins on an 01 connector match the right position of the circuit board at the 01 end of the fixture. Because of this, they will not fit into the left offset position of the circuit board on the 02 end.

Vertically Bending Fixtures

Fixtures with a vertical bend direction are a little different than the horizontal bend fixtures. Unlike the horizontal fixture, a vertical fixture’s circuit board runs along the bottom of the PVC casing, instead of along the side. Because of this, Side Exit Left and Side Exit Right options are available in all connector types; Seamless, Submersible Seamless, and Snap.


Also different from the horizontal bend fixtures is the reason why you need to know the difference. With a vertical bend fixture, the pins of the connectors will always run along the bottom to meet the circuit board.

In this case, the important information to remember is the 01 being the input end and the 02 being the output end. When installing your fixture, typically your input is going to be on the 01 end. Make sure you know which side of the fixture, left or right, you need your lead to exit from in order for the fixture to fit. This also applies if you need a lead wire on the 02 end of your fixture as well.

Need some help?

Our knowledgeable account managers can help you choose which exits and leads you need for your project. Our team is happy to assist you!

Check back in for our next Tech Talk; we’ll be covering hooking up RGB fixtures to a Slesa!

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