When you’re planning a lighting project, you need a quote that’s as accurate as possible. In order for us to prepare your quote properly, we need a few things from you!

1. Drawings

The most important part of quoting a project is the drawing. In order to give our clients an acurate quote, we ask that you provide a detailed, scaled drawing of the project. Our Techs use these drawings to measure for the lengths of LED Neon Flex, or the sizes of LED Light Boxes or LED Light Panels. The more accurate your drawing is, the more accurate your quote will be!

2. Measurements

Don’t have a drawing? Don’t panic! Detailed, scaled drawings are ideal for our Techs, but there are other ways they can quote your project.
You can send us:

  • An accurate list of lengths (for LED Neon Flex projects) or of dimensions (for LED Light Box/Light Panel projects)
  • A high-quality photograph, taken straight on, of the sign you’re lighting (or other project) with an accurate scale presented.


  • Send a photograph of the project at an angle. Photographs like these are impossible to pull accurate measurements from.
  • Send photos with improper scales. If you’re sending a photograph and not a drawing or list of lengths, make sure that your scale is well presented. A measuring tape or ruler in the picture is not an appropriate way to represent scale.

3. What Product You Want

Your quote is going to vary greatly depending on the product you’re looking at. When you’re talking to your account manager, make sure you specify what you want quoted! Vivid S in a static color is going to give you a different quote than Vivid S in RGB.

With LED Light Boxes, make sure you specify whether you want single or double sided, and what thickness you want.

With LED Light Panels, make sure you specify how many lit edges you’ll need, if you want RGB, and if you need any cutouts!

Help Us Help You

If you spec out your project properly, you’ll quickly get an accurate quote!